Transhumanism: What Does Epstein Believe In?

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Transhumanism is the new buzz-word surrounding the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. The sex-trafficking case exposed his fascination with altering the human race.

Transhumanism is the belief that humans can be modified through selective breeding and technological advancements. The main goal is to advance humans through things like AI, nanomedicine and other medical technologies that can control the body.

Critics of Transhumanism relate the philosophy to eugenics.

Jeffrey Epstein admittedly wanted to weave his DNA into humanity by simultaneously impregnating twenty women at his New Mexico ranch. He also donated money to multiple people and organizations that support Transhumanism.

Epstein reportedly admitted his ambitions to prominent scientist at events in the early 2000s. He also believed he could have his head and other body parts cryogenically frozen, in order to come back to life in the future.

The idea of merging technology with our bodies is not new, but it is mainly available for medical treatments. It has been picking up steam for enhancing everyday life, through things like Neuralink. Neuralink is Elon Musk’s brain implant that can connect to a smartphone.

You can watch Musk’s presentation about Neuralink here:

The selective breeding aspect of Transhumanism has a darker and longer history. Nazi’s believed in selective breeding and eugenics to achieve the perfect human. They encouraged women who fit their standards to have children.

Epstein is a powerful-Billionaire leftist obsessed with Nazi ideologies. The media has taken it easy on this and have still reserved the Nazi rhetoric for conservatives.

Groups of Transhumanists are largely made up of rich people in California and prominent technology insiders. The whole idea is to live forever, so it makes perfect sense for the elite to have a fascination for holding on to their power for eternity.

Epstein poster (DOJ)

I do not support anything related to selective breeding. However, I haven’t decided on whether “bio-hacking,” falls into the same category. A person willfully implanting a piece of technology into their body is much different than modifying the human race with DNA.

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