Epstein Suicide: The Show Must Go On

Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in prison, after being taken off suicide watch. He wasn’t being regularly checked on and the security cameras were malfunctioning. One of the world’s most high-profile prisoners was able to make a noose and hang himself, under government watch.

Epstein suicide and picture before
Jeffrey Epstein (Wikimedia Commons)

This was a total failure and the government is to blame. The Epstein suicide will go down as one of the biggest mishaps in American history.

The whole situation sounds like something out of a dramatic television series. The show must go on, even after the main character, Epstein, commits suicide.

As of today, the FBI has shown signs indicating that the investigation is going to be moving forward. It should come as a relief that FBI agents were witnessed raiding his US Virgin Island getaway today.

However, Epstein’s victims and the American public should be skeptical of the FBI’s competence in such a high-profile investigation. This comes with the history of Epstein’s sweetheart deal and recent failed investigations by the department.

The criminal case regarding Epstein has been dropped, but investigators will still be going after his co-conspirators. Over 2000 pages of documents were unsealed from his earlier sex trafficking case, shortly before his death.

The Epstein suicide means that our government let down his victims, once again. Hopefully, the victims will at least be able to seek justice by going after his inner-circle of powerful sexual predators. You can see the response from the victims’ lawyers and investigative reporter Julie K. Brown here:

There is a mainstream focus on the correlation between the documents being unsealed and Epstein’s suicide. It is no longer just a conspiracy that this could all be a big lie. A lot of powerful people were named in those documents.

Attorney General Bill Barr has stated that he will be investigating the situation.

Obviously, you cannot charge a dead man with a crime. You also cannot face him in court or get any testimony. Epstein’s victims will reportedly still have a civil case. Hopefully, they will go after co-conspirators.

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