Google is Hijacking Our Country

Google has been accused of censoring conservatives and using their power to subliminally change the beliefs of conservative voters.

Zach Vorhies is the whistleblower

This was labeled a conspiracy, but now just like Epstein, the conspiracy has become a reality. Zach Vorhies is a Google whistleblower that made over 2000 documents public. They outline the company’s efforts to censor anything that goes against the liberal narrative.

Those documents also contain a list of YouTube’s black listed search keywords. The most worrisome part of these blacklisted search key words is that a majority don’t even relate to conspiracies. Almost anything related to the Vegas shooting is on the list.

Googles banned keywords
Sample of YouTube’s banned key words

In fact, YouTube has blacklisted many search terms related to mass shootings. These words are included on the same list that “false-flag” search terms are on. This means Google does not even discriminate between facts they don’t like and conspiracy theories.

Doing this allows Google to scrub the internet of conservative and alternative media outlets, labeling them as networks that promote conspiracies.

This is what they did to Breitbart News. Google Employee David Richter sent out an email asking employees: “anyone want to hold their nose and look through for hate speech?”

Google email regarding breitbart
Google email regarding Breitbart

The attitude is that this trusted conservative news outlet must contain hate speech because they support conservative values and President Trump. This is where censorship comes into play regarding the complete takeover of our elections.

Google has become so powerful that it can subvert people’s beliefs by not showing them certain sources of information in feeds. Meaning that, even if a conservative source is more accurate, they will continue to promote sources like The New York Times.

All over the country, people are losing faith in the credibility of The New York Times. For years they have peddled conspiracies about President Trump being a racist that colluded with the Russian government in 2016.  

Ironically, this is the same reason that Google censors’ conservatives. We need to stop big tech from hijacking our government.

Google lied to us when they told the American people that they do not “blacklist” anyone. This was proven to be a blatant lie. Vorhies released the blacklists that the company uses. You can see the documents he leaked here.

We need to stop Google from continuing this. Check out alternatives to the search engine here.

Do you think our elections have been hijacked by Google? Tweet me @GeneBrownUSA

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