Trump May Give States the Right to Deny Refugees

President Trump may give states and cities the right to deny refugees from resettling in their areas. Multiple outlets have reported on the leaked executive order.

President Trump (Wikipedia)

This order could give states the opportunity to deny refugee resettlement that has been ordered by the federal government. The order would block the federal government from placing refugees into areas that do not have consent from local governments.

The only exception to the rule is that a local or state government cannot block the placement of spouses and family members that have already been relocated to the area.

This order will give more power to local governments, making it easier for representatives to voice the opinions of their constituents against large federal powers. This is a win for citizens who fear that their districts are being taken over by growing migrant populations.

This is mainly due to a lack of border security and relaxed immigration laws. Those problems are related to the shortcomings of the federal government. It is only fair to let the local governments take a stand against failed federal policies.

Somalis resettled in Minnesota (Flickr)

People who are standing against giving local government the right to deny refugees, say that it is illegal because of a 1980’s law that gives power over resettlement to the federal government.

Recently, over 30 Republican governors stood in favor of denying Syrian refugees from relocating to their states. It should be okay to make those decisions when it comes to the safety of your constituents.

It is important to note that, refugees will not be sent home if the local municipalities reject their resettlement. The federal government will work to find them a new resettlement location. A location where everybody consents to housing them.

The left is going to label this an anti-immigrant policy, when it is not even close to being the case. This will help both citizens and new immigrants find the right living situations.

What do you think about a state or city having the right to deny refugees? Tweet me @GeneBrownUSA

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