Hong Kong Protests: No End In Sight

The Hong Kong Protests have been going on since April and the situation has become increasingly tense. As the protest rages on, more violence is being used by the Chinese government against the Hong Kong protesters.

Hong Kong Protests
Hong Kong Protests (Wikimedia Commons)

A proposal to allow criminal suspects extradition to China is what kicked-off student protests. Hong Kong citizens feel that this will infringe on human rights and hurt the city’s reputation as a hub for business.

You can see the timeline of events here.

The Chinese government has increased the amount of violence they use when combating the protests. A mob of men wearing white shirts attacked the protesters. Many of the attackers arrested had links to organized criminal organizations.

Police have used tear gas, rubber bullets and beaten people indiscriminately. Eye witnesses have seen innocent bystanders get beaten down by police batons, many have feared for their lives.

Rumors are circulating that police beat a Hong Kong protester to death, but officials are denying those claims. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone, they are being watched closely by various human rights groups.

It is confirmed that a young woman participating in the Hong Kong protests, may loose her eye due to a projectile fired by the police. Protesters believe that the projectile was a beanbag that was fired into a group of journalists and medical volunteers. It is reported that the young woman was acting as a volunteer medic.

The protesters would like to see a withdrawal of the extradition bill and maintain their independence from mainland China. People in Hong Kong fear that the Communist Party would use the extradition bill to arrest political opponents.

Recently, protesters cut down a facial recognition tower in Hong Kong that was installed by the Chinese government. You can see video of that here:

It is world events like these that should remind Americans why the Second Amendment is so important. If the citizens of Hong Kong had a similar right to bear arms, this scenario would be playing out much differently. The Hong Kong protesters have shown their support for America and things like the Second Amendment. You can see that below:

Protests and clashes with police are expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

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