James Comey is Still Causing Problems

James Comey, ex-Director of the FBI, is still causing problems for America. President Trump fired Comey in 2017 for his handling of the Clinton email investigation.

Comey and Obama (Flickr)

Comey has leaked classified information to the press illegally and abused the FISA court. His lies could be the sole reason for starting the phony Russia-collusion investigation

To date, he has gone relatively unpunished for his actions, but that might change soon. James Comey might have broken the law when he wrote memos detailing his private meetings with the president. He then took those memos and leaked them to the press, in hopes of gaining support for an investigation into the president.

Media coverage has reported that James Comey will not face charges regarding the memos, however, watchdog groups are still finding ways to pressure this issue. The DOJ has condemned his actions and stated that they were in direct violation of FBI policies.

James Comey Memo snippet
Comey Memo Screenshot

Being cleared of this makes it seem like some favors were called in. You can read some of his memos here.

James Comey may still be in trouble regarding his abuse of the FISA court. His use of the unverified Steele dossier, while mishandling the Clinton email investigation and leaking his memos to influence investigations may raise enough red flags to bring charges against him.

It is disturbing that Comey knew the documents were not true but used them when he signed off on a majority of the FISA warrant applications. Even worst is the fact that Steele was working for Fusion GPS, an intelligence firm contracted by the Clinton campaign.

James Comey was trying to sway our elections in favor of the left as an appointed official. He is a fraud that knowingly spread lies to the American people.

James Comey (Wikimedia Commons)

Comey damaged our country both internally and externally. He caused a divide in our society by convincing Democrats that our president is working for the Russians. He has also made America look like a clown show to the rest of the world.

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