Red Flag Laws Are Already in Effect

Red flag laws are touted as a safety measure that allows the government to confiscate firearms owned by people who could potentially become violent.

On the outside, red flag laws seem like they could protect us from people who are planning attacks or mass shootings. Looking into them, they become another unconstitutional tactic at gun control in the United States.

Many people think that these laws aren’t active yet, since they have been relatively new in the world of MSM coverage. However, red flag laws are already in effect in some parts of the country.

Oregon recently confiscated a former Marine’s firearms because he made remarks about attacking Antifa in self-defense. Antifa is a group that beats up journalists, conservatives and even elderly people during their riots.

This man was speaking in reference to defending himself and the government stole his guns away. It sounds like a story from a third world country, not America.

Red flag laws enable police and other law enforcement agencies to take away a citizen’s constitutional rights, with a complete disregard for due process. If you own a gun, you are subject to secret hearings that don’t include you and one day the police could show up at your door ready to take your guns. That is if they think you are dangerous.

They don’t need probable cause and you will not get to argue your case until after the confiscation. You will have to go to court to win your constitutional rights back, without ever committing a crime.

Red flag laws lists
List of States With ERPOs (CBS)

Obviously, using your first amendment right will cause the government to then violate your fourth amendment right. Just talking about defending yourself could lead to an unwarranted search and seizure of your home and belongings.

Red flag laws are formally referred to as Extreme Risk Protection Orders. A handful of states have already implemented them, while some are set to be put in place by 2020. Make no mistake, these states are stripping away your constitutional rights.

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